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About Us

ANYAP Falls & Nature Park is a well-preserved nature park located at Barangay San Andres Tanay Rizal. The park is established and developed with the intention of preserving nature’s beauty and sharing to others the wonderful creation of God.

Explore Our Park

Hiking Trails

Our trails offer a serene and calming experience, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse yourself in nature.

Experience Nature

The nature park has multiple waterfalls with natural spring water streaming from the mountains and flowing down into three swimming pool areas.


The nature park has nipa hut cottages, benches and space for camping available for rent, so you can spend more quality time with your friends and family.



If you have any questions regarding your reservation or the park, please contact us today.


Can you stay overnight?

Yes you can. However, we don’t have rooms. You can either bring your own tents and pay for tent pitching or rent one of ours. Nipa huts will be available for overnighters.

Are we pet-friendly?

Yes we are. We love your furry friends, but they are not allowed in the pools and please make sure to be responsible pet owners, ensuring your pet’s good behavior and picking up after them.

Can you bring in your own food and drinks?

Yes, and we don’t charge corkage fees.

Are there available kitchen utensils for cooking?

No, there are no kitchen utensils available. Please bring your own camping cooking equipment. BBQ grillers are available, but please bring your own charcoal.

Where are you located?

Location: Barangay San Andres, Tanay Rizal

  • Anyap Falls and Nature Park
  • From Antipolo, Take Marilaque Highway going towards Tanay
  • After Boso -Boso and the rooster /chicken place (manukan),
  • Turn left on Sta Ines Rd
  • (There should be Anyap signs along the highway)
  • After the small church and elementary school of Barangay San Andres, turn right onto a narrow road leading to a river
  • Follow signs leading to Anyap! Falls.

We are powered by solar panels and electrical power is  limited. Please refrain from using electric rice cookers, or other electrical equipment.

Cell Site and Internet Service

There is no cell signal in the area. We have free internet/wi-fi service but in some cases of inclement weather and disruption in the power supply of our solar panels, internet services might be disrupted.

Is liquor allowed?

We allow light liquor, but not heavy liquor. Please drink responsibly. We reserve the right to refuse service to customers with unruly behaviors.

Speakers, Videokes

We allow  speakers in the daytime (but no videoke)  for musical  entertainment of our guests but within a reasonable volume range only. It should not be disruptive to other guests of the resort who want to enjoy nature’s peaceful vibes.

Use of swimming pools at Night
  • For your safety, swimming in pools is only until 10pm. 
  • For anything after 5pm-10pm; minimum 10 people.
Parking (while awaiting for construction of Anyap bridge)
  • Option 1: SUV, vehicles are recommended to cross the river and navigate through some rough roads going inside the nature park. Once inside, parking is beside the nature park. It is free of charge.
  • Option 2: Park outside by the barangay area and take a 10-15 minute walk to the nature park. There will be a parking fee imposed by outside entities.
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